The Greenery behind Starbucks Reserve @ Changi Jewel

Starbucks Reserve @ Changi Jewel

The largest Starbucks outlet in Singapore yet, with two stories high! Tying in with the nature theme of Changi Jewel, Starbucks Reserve brings to you a whole new level of integrated nature retail experience! With a concept of “From Farm to Cup”, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful layering of wooden slats and HyGro™Moss facade at the shopfront! Even the green background of the iconic logo is made out of mosses!

You can find a Reserve Bar with friendly baristas with a mossy backdrop as they work their magic to bring you a neat cup of coffee for you to enjoy ☕ You bet this coffee shop will be filled! No need to worry though because you’ll be able to find more seats on the 2nd storey.

As you climb up the steps, it’s as if you’ve been transported from a coffee house to a museum! You’ll see a magnificently crafted wall art of a mermaid followed by a moss installation and many other art pieces are featured here, celebrating the arts scene around Asia.

In this piece of moss installation, Designer JB Galac played with the different combinations of our Pole, Flat, Reindeer and some small artificial leaves in the different zones marked out by copper metals. The lines may seem random, but it is actually created by the outline of a scenic landscape of the coffee plantation.

Changi Jewel is definitely a place you’d want to go have a look before catching your flight the next time you are travelling!

Vertical Green has greened up more retails around Changi Jewel, you can view more here. Have a place you’d like to green up? We’re the specialist just for you, give us a call today!

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