New Year, New Heights

We’re at the end of the year once again, join us on a quick recap of 2018!

Soaring to New Heights!

Going as high as 15 metres, at Bijou Condominium. The green walls are located at the centre of the building at

the air-well, which further cools the surrounding environment. ►

Not only does our work go on the vertical walls, but also on the ceiling now! The ceiling landscape at HonestBee Habitat, consisting a mixture contour moss, flat moss and reindeer moss creating an interesting headspace.

New Moss Selections

Other than the variety in colours of the reindeer moss, this year we introduced Pole Moss, Flat Moss to the collection. Allowing for more possibilities for your space.

New Combination

Further exploring the endless possibilities with the variety and flexibility of our products. This is a HyGroWall™ x HyGroMoss™ project at ARC380, incorporating our naturally preserved reindeer moss onto our living green wall to form the company logo. An entrance sure to leave a lasting impression.

Going to new lengths!

At 8 Napier you can find our HyGroWall™ stretching across the entire drop-off point, welcoming residents and guests. Consisting mostly of Philodendron Scandens and Schefflera, this green wall wraps the wall from one side to the other, adding up to a total length of 42m! Accompanying the users as they walk along the long walkway in and out of the residence.

With all the achievements this year, surely, we deserve to end of the year with a

Par-tee (par-ty)!

Introducing a new face in Singapore’s nightlife, Holey Moley Golf Club, where you can find plants every corner you turn! Fun fact: a total of 3189 artificial plants was used! One of our most diversified and wildest mix of species of artificial plants.

That’s some of the highlights of 2018 at Vertical Green. We would like to take this chance to thank all of you for your support on this green journey! May 2019 be a greener year and Happy New Year everyone!

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