Make the Moss out of your Space

Moss, specifically Reindeer Moss! Contrary to its common name, it is actually a branched lichen named Cladonia rangiferina. Often a pasture for reindeers and other deers, thus we have Reindeer Moss. Here’s how mosses are in the nature!

These exceptionally hardy lichens acts as a “nitrogen fixer” in the nature and just like other plants, it stabilises eroding soils, playing an important role in its natural environment. So we only get our mosses from sustainable sources that undergoes non-toxic dyes and preservation process to achieve the different colours to achieve the look that you want responsibly!

Here’s how you can incorporate moss into your space!

Dazzle Moss Wall @ Huawei Office, Singapore

With a limited floor space and an extensive wall such as this, it’s perfect to incorporate some wall art! Designer Ted was inspired by the dazzle camouflage effect, creating a wall that seems to look different at a different angle!

On the wall, on the ceiling, logo of your business, imagery, moss art and even moss spheres!

Captivate your clients by creating an interesting interior space with moss. The possibilities are limitless! View more in our gallery.


Since these moses has underwent preservation process, it requires no light, water or maintenance!

Other than its beautiful visual effect of creating a soothing and relaxing environment, moss walls also provides as a good noise reduction feature. Especially for offices with an open concept where noise can become distracting. The shrubby structure of the moss is what helps disperse the soundwaves, absorbing the noise and improving the acoustics of a space.

New Colours

This year, we are bringing in new colours! You can request for a sample from us today! Browse for more colour selection here.

Let's Green Up Your Space!

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