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Like humans, plants require care.  Being living things, plants don’t stay the same all year long. They grow, get sick, and their physical appearance change too.  Treatment and supervision has to be given to them.  Here at Vertical Green, we don’t only install green walls and landscapes.  We provide maintenance as our after-sales services too.  Our maintenance services include maintaining of green walls, landscapes and green roofs.  Maintenance is required so that the greenery is consistently kept in aesthetically good shape, and to prevent problems from showing up.

Maintenance does not only concern the plants on your vertical gardens or landscapes itself, but it consists of the whole system.  We provide a range of maintenance services to cater for your greenery.

Trimming / Grass cutting

As mentioned earlier, plants do not stay the same throughout. They grow, and overtime it will overgrow till they become thick and bushy.  Thus, regular trimming is required to keep the vertical garden tidy.  Similarly, landscapes would require grass cutting too to make it look well-groomed.


Besides trimming, pruning is essential. Pruning is required to remove away the dead/dying plants, in order to prevent seeing patches of yellow or brown leaves amidst the green foliage.

Plant replacement

Where necessary, we provide options for plant replacement in order to maintain the planting design.  This will depend on the condition of the plant, should it be dying and the level of reviving is low and might affect the design of the green wall/landscape.

Fertilizer and pest control treatment

While irrigation provides water, fertilizer is food for the plant. Fertilizer acts as nutrients.  Solid fertilizer is used for green roof and landscape maintenance.  Meanwhile, liquid fertilizer is used for vertical gardens.  The liquid fertilizer is mixed with water in the irrigation system to provide nutrition for the plants.

As pests are naturally attracted toplants, we work on reducing it by the use of white summer oil, an organic-based pesticide.

Filtration system

The water filtration system requires checking and cleaning, in order for clean water to be constantly provided for the plants.

Irrigation system

Irrigation plays a vital role in keeping your greenery growing well.  If the irrigation system happens to be faulty, the green wall will not be able to receive water supply, causing the green wall’s health to deteriorate.  Hence, checking of the irrigation system is necessary to ensure it functions properly, and for the plants to get the proper amount of water it needs.

Wing of Life, Singapore

24/7 Hotline

Our maintenance hotline is available 24/7.  So, if you are facing any faults with your greenery that you would like to check with us, we are just a call away.

One-stop solution

Maintenance is not the only service we provide in Vertical Green. Our services start from the design of your vertical gardens and landscapes, to installation, and finally maintenance.  As all of these services are done by our own professionally trained in-house team, we provide better work efficiency and quality assurance.

Also, instead of having to go through the hassle of contacting two different contractors for a landscape and vertical garden maintenance, you will only have one point of contact here as we provide maintenance services for both.

Consultation services

As a specialist, our job is to make sure your greenery looks its best at all times. We are here if you want to improve on your current greenery yet unsure how to, by highlighting the problems and providing recommendations.

To conclude, here at Vertical Green, we provide maintenance services to both vertical gardens and landscapes.  Should you plan on having a maintenance service for your greenery, contact us now!

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