FYInspiration – 9 Green Homes


A calming atmosphere created with a Buddha centrepiece surrounded by plants.

Sampan Place

Another zen atmosphere created with the use of natural elements – wood & bamboo complimented with a green backdrop


A mix of HyGroMat™ (artificial) and live plants in our HyGro™Origami Pots. for minimal maintenance

Plants have a way of making your interior look more lively and beautiful. Adding greenery into your homes today does not necessarily require you to have a big space nor green fingers. Check out how these homes has integrated greenery into their living space!

If you have a balcony, it is a great place to start!

When you have a blank wall, you’d think of hanging a piece of art right? Instead of a hanging a painting, why not get yourself a wall of plants as a centrepiece?

Ghim Moh

Having plants in your dining area can help to improve appetite!

Lakeme Terrace

These are not strawberry on the wall! It is our red moss! Our preserved HyGro™Moss comes in a variety of colours for you to choose!

Charis Alliance

A great 3D effect created with the maintenance-free HyGro™Mat.

You can even incorporate greenery into your furniture pieces!

Belewoods Condominium

Bishan Street

You can green up the most unexpected places, such as your built-in bomb shelter door!

A green wall can even act as a partition, such as this back-to-back dual-sided green wall. The homeowners of Sembawang Hills Drive were looking for a partition to conceal the stairway that is revealed immediately as you come through the entrance. Since the back of the green wall will be exposed, we have proposed for a dual-sided green wall for this project!

Vertical Green is experienced with designing customised solutions according to your needs and budget. Considering to incorporate some greenery in your home? Drop us a message!

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